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Mai Zarkawi

Mai Zarkawi Gold REHLA necklace

Beautifully hand-crafted gold plated "Rehla" necklace by Palestinian designer Mai Zarkawi. 

"Rehla" (رحلة) in Arabic translates to "journey". Beyond its literal meaning of travel or a trip from one place to another, "Rehla" holds a broader connotation encompassing a voyage or expedition, not solely in a physical sense but also metaphorically, symbolizing personal growth, exploration, or a transformative experience. It signifies a passage through different stages, a quest, or a venture towards self-discovery, often associated with adventure and discovery of new horizons, both internally and externally.


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Diameter 13.5 cm


Gold plated brass

Care information

It is best to wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth after each use to remove dirt or debris

Mai Zarkawi

Mai Zarkawi, born and raised in Majd Al-kroum village in north Palestine ‘occupied territories’. Jewellery designer and dancer, her passion in art started from exploring the movement of her body.

Mai's inspired from the daily life details, culture, traditions, people and stories about Palestine, she is trying to bring the hidden beauty and stories of Palestinian women first, about childhood and stories we heard from our grandfathers and grandmothers, their values in life, the traditions, food, songs and our language...

Jewellery can tell a story and pass a message, when you were it on your body you make the jewellery alive.

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