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Our collections are consciously curated alongside local makers and brands committed to disrupting the status quo.

  • Mai Zarkawi

    Mai Zarkawi, born and raised in Majd Al-kroum village in north Palestine ‘occupied territories’. Jewellery designer and dancer, her passion in art started from exploring the movement of her body. Mai's inspired from the daily life details, culture, traditions, people and stories about Palestine.

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  • Nisf Jbeil Ceramics

    Mediterranean styles simple and elegant handpainted ceramic bowls - made in a women-run ceramic studio in Nisf Jbeil, a small village of 300 residents located north of the Palestinian city of Nablus.

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  • Nur Minawi

    Yaffa local and third generation Palestinian ceramicist Nur Minawi creates exquisite yet functional stoneware that melds traditional form with modern design. The first in his family to branch off and open his own studio, Nur's work is a testament to the resilience and survival of this ancestral craft.

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