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"Mahabbah" Love Long Coin Earrings

'Mahabbah', meaning love, is one of many Arabic words for the term love. This type of love, 'Mahabbah,' conveys a tender and affectionate love, encapsulating closeness, warmth, and emotional attachment.

Wear them as a beautiful reminder of heartfelt connections and cherished bonds, adding cultured elegance to your style.

This sleek design by Palestinian designer Ghadeer Slayeh, of GAD Design, celebrates the richness of the Arabic language. 

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Small: Diameter 1.3 cm
Large: Diameter 2 cm


Gold Plated

Care information

Clean with a damp cotton ball or microfiber cloth after wearing. If your jewelry needs a light clean, use water & regular soap to restore the shine.


Gadeer is a contemporary jewelry designer that creates all handmade, fashion-statements made of brass plated gold or silver with touches of gemstones, pearls and laser cut perspex. Her line is a fusion of clean, minimalist geometric shapes combined with raw, free-formed semi-precious stones, through a variety of techniques.

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