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Bethlehem Arab Women’s Union

Embroidered table mat

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Square 26 x 26 (cm)
Rectangle small 26 x 37.5 (cm)
Rectangle large 26 x 58 (cm)


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Bethlehem Arab Women’s Union: Empowering Palestinian Women and Preserving Heritage

Founded in 1947, the Bethlehem Arab Women’s Union is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Palestinian women and preserving cultural traditions. Our mission includes:

Supporting Local Handicrafts: Promoting and selling authentic Palestinian crafts, providing artisans with sustainable income.
Preserving Folklore and Culinary Traditions: Celebrating Palestinian culture through traditional music, dance, and cuisine.
Helping Needy Women and Children: Offering essential support and resources to improve the lives of women and children in Bethlehem.
By purchasing from us, you contribute to the empowerment of Palestinian women and the preservation of our rich heritage. Explore our range of beautiful, handcrafted products today!

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