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Nur Minawi

Cobalt blue ceramic mugs (Set of 2)

 Indulge in the luxurious feel of two hand-thrown ceramic mugs from third-generation Palestinian ceramicist Nur Minawi. 

Carefully crafted with cobalt matte glaze and a thumb indentation for extra comfort- these mugs are entirely unique and perfect for the special occasion. Nur's ceramic creations are all made in Yaffa, in a small studio where Nur works alongside his father. 

Choose from two sizes, medium (depicted in the hand-held photo, perfect for smaller hands), or large. 

*Minor variations in size or glazing can be expected given their handmade nature.

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Diameter 8 cm
Height 10 cm



Care information

Stoneware ceramics are known for their durability. They're fired at high temperatures, making them strong and resistant to chipping, scratching, and general wear and tear. Sturdy but not invincible - so handle with care. Dishwasher friendly. Microwave safe.

Nur Minawi

Born in Yaffa, third-generation Palestinian ceramicist Nur Minawi creates ceramic art and functional pottery that melds traditional form with modern finishes. His signature style contrasts smooth, polished glazes with rough, unfinished clay, highlighting the beauty of both elements while giving insight into the process of creation.

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