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Leather Fanny Pack Jelld


Handcrafted leather fanny pack from Hebron, Palestine. Features a side-zip pocket plus an inner pocket. Can be worn cross-body and has an adjustable strap. Plus, it's fully lined inside.


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Small 14 x 22 (cm)
Large 18.5 x 28 (cm) | 11 x 7 (in)



Care information

Keep away from alcohol and chemical products.

If water gets on it don’t use a cloth just use a hairdryer and leave it.


Leather making has been the family passion since 1928. Each piece of leather gets collected from butchers in Jerusalem and around the middle east. It takes weeks for the leather to be properly cleaned and ready for its next steps. Each sheet goes into rooms where it gets properly tanned shades of black, camel, orange and brown.
Other shades like olive, brique, aged red are all seasonal colors that you often find once or twice yearly.

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