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Gaziantep's bazaar

Small Hand Hammered Copper Tray

A small hand-hammered copper tray with a back hook, making it suitable for both hanging or using as a serving tray.

This tray is designed in partnership with the Syrian copper makers in Gaziantep, Turkey. 

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Diameter 44 cm



Care information

Make as paste with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of baking soda. Use a soft cloth to apply. Rinse off with warm water & dry.

Gaziantep’s bazaar

In our era of mass production, the bazaar in Gaziantep offers a window into another time, one in which the artisanal marketplaces of the Arab world held global renown for their production of highly specialized, quality crafts. Gaziantep’s bazaar endures thanks to a number of Syrian and Turkish artisans devoted to preserving traditional modes of copper & mother of pearl production.

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