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Mohammad Zaytun

Palestinian Handwoven Colorful Star Straw Tray

Handwoven coiled wheat trays represent an increasingly rare craft that was once common amongst local agricultural communities. Welcome their intricate patterns and warm colors into your space as a household tray or decorative wall hanging.


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45 cm


wheat straw

Care information

Clean with Dampen Cloth

Mohammad Zaytun

The story starts in Nahf, a village North of the West Bank, when Mohammad asked his grandmother for her old vintage handwoven tray but they were too precious that she replied, "Even if my father rises from the grave, I won't give it to him!". This sparked something within Mohammad and he took this as a challenge and began practicing this rare craft.

Today, not only is he one of the only men to be skillful in this craft but he also grows & harvests his own wheat, treats it, colors it and weaves these trays with the help of some local women who he hires. Each tray can take from a week to a couple months depending on the size and intricacy of the tray's design.

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