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Rose Khbeis

EK Mother of Pearl Gold Earrings

EK earrings are handmade in brass with semiprecious stones. Although Rose Khbeis's sculptural earrings are large in size, they're surprisingly lightweight. Highlight their length with shoulder-baring necklines.


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2.7”long x 2.3"wide


24K gold-plated brass with mother pearl

Care information

Clean with a damp cotton ball or microfiber cloth after wearing. If your jewelry needs a light clean, use water & regular soap to restore the shine.

Rose Khbeis

ROSE KHBEIS is a colombian-Palestinian jeweler inspired by the magic of the caribbean and the mysticism of Arab culture. The metal structures connect the story of our family and creates the legacy and union of three lines in the family”. Her brand is dedicated to design, manufacture, and distribution of contemporary jewelry.

The company begins from a strong family legacy, led by two sisters and their father. We have prepared ourselves to dedicate our life in the consolidation of this entrepreneurship.

Rose draws out the change continuum of female identity through hand made pieces, believing that as women we reinvent ourselves continuously according to our experiences.

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