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Aurora Craft

Natural Incense

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This amazing incense is composed of 100% pure essential oils and is handmade from completely natural ingredients. It does not contain combustable chemicals or synthetic essences.

This incense stick lasts for an average burn time of 30 minutes, and each box holds 30 incense sticks and a brass incense holder.

Shaman incense is the combination of Palo Santo wood and copal resin. It has a unique scent with notes of pine, mint and lemon. Palo Santo tree and copal resin have been used for healing and protection since ancient times. It renews the energy of your space. It harmoniously accompanies the prayer, meditation and yoga rituals.

Healer incense is the combination of sage, laurel, juniper, frankincense and 100% pure
essential oils. It has aromatic, warm and fresh notes. It is used for purification the energy of your space and in healing rituals. And is also known to help in focusing. 

Gaia incense is the combination of cedar, juniper, pine notes and 100% pure essential oils. With its scent, it reminds the soil and rainy forests. It helps to strengthen your connection with the earth and nature. It is particularly effective on the root chakra.

Rumi incense is a combination of sandalwood, agarwood, oriental sweetgum, rose, clove and frankincense. It reminds the ambience of sacred temples. It helps to strengthen the higher connection during meditation, prayer and retreat rituals. It is especially effective on the 6th and 7th chakras.


30 incense sticks and a brass incense holder.


100% pure essential oils.

Care information

Each incense stick burns for an average of 30 minutes. For a comfortable flow and transformation of energy, lightly ventilate the area while using the incense.

Aurora Craft

Aurora Craft is a love and service-oriented work that we have created on our journey we have been walking since 2015. Our aim is to share everything that will raise our vibration in the light of the heart and to open ourselves to the infinity of knowledge and miracles in the universe.

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